A music sized hole

Many of us have cancelled gigs, festivals, theatre and music events this year. It’s left a huge gap that’s been hard to fill. I wrote this poem about it during lockdown. I’m sharing it now, alongside a picture from a local artist. Jamie’s picture (shared during #inktober20) really expresses the joy and atmosphere of liveContinue reading “A music sized hole”

Mycelium Rescue

This week (16th-22nd November) is Book Week Scotland. I have been delighted to take part in a Poetry Safari along with other writers. Nine poems have been placed along a 3km trail in the Eskrigg Nature Reserve on the outskirts of Lockerbie. The small, peaceful reserve is a mixed area of heath and woodland thatContinue reading “Mycelium Rescue”

Waves of harmony

TRITON’S SHELLTriton’s conch shell restsGlittering seas gently breakLapping waves yield peace I miss the sea. I miss dipping my toes into the lapping tide, a sunny breeze lifting my hair. For some reason, I find the sea calming and inspiring. When I was a little girl, I used to submerge myself at the swimming pool.Continue reading “Waves of harmony”