Twin Flames

The dragon, Dair, and the woman, Leyva, are twin flames.

This is the most forceful and dynamic soul connection. It can be a tumultuous relationship, full of pulls and pushes, challenge and healing, shadows and light.

Each is a mirror to the other. Each is the other’s half. The dragon reveals Leyva’s most profound fear of being alone, and through their relationship, it unfolds that her deepest wounds from the past haven’t yet healed. She draws closer to him, as if he is familiar, as if they met before. Leyva shows Dair his insecurities and the parts of himself that he doesn’t like. His anger, his anxieties, his over thinking and suspicion of folk.

They start to feel each other’s emotions, and through each other, they grow. Each of them have to do work on their own around acceptance and self love.

by Lesley Bradley

Published by ljane4

I am a part-time writer and artist living in Dumfries, Scotland.

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