Nature and Lockdown

This second time round is hard. A lot of people are running on empty. The line of our lives pre Covid has started to  blur, like the flickering end of an old movie. Loss has made us feel  tired, frustrated and sad. But, we’ve all shown compassion for each other. Love for each other can be difficult sometimes , but it’s our deepest motivation. Caring for each other is doing.

Keeping the faith hasn’t always been easy during the upheaval and devastation of the pandemic, when sometimes hope has seemed pointless.  

One thing that has been soothing for sure, however,  has been Nature. It’s got a universal energy that runs through all of us. It’s bigger than me and you. It’s a place to rest. Nothing’s been simple about lockdown,  but Nature has been calming. Unchanged, changing. It’s been so life affirming to breathe in deep lungs full of still, fresh air in a forest. Or be around water, when it’s rushing, vibrating and pushing life forward. Even if it’s a difficult day, it’s still a brand new one and a step forward.

Being around trees has been relaxing, especially the older ones with roots that stretch beneath us, steadying us. And branches that stretch endlessly up to a sky that we all share. Seeing new, unstoppable shoots pressing up through the ground already has delivered hope in green and white. Growing slowly and steadily, bringing Spring and lighter days.

Stepping out into the universe has been energising. Feet on the ground and making contact with the Earth has brought focus and lots of special memories.  We’re leaving our footprints in this disturbing, turbulent period of history, but we haven’t been alone.

by Lesley Bradley

Published by ljane4

I am a part-time writer and artist living in Dumfries, Scotland.

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