A music sized hole

Many of us have cancelled gigs, festivals, theatre and music events this year. It’s left a huge gap that’s been hard to fill. I wrote this poem about it during lockdown. I’m sharing it now, alongside a picture from a local artist. Jamie’s picture (shared during #inktober20) really expresses the joy and atmosphere of live music that connected us all. This is also dedicated to all the artists who have been waiting in the wings. We will welcome you back with open arms and never take it for granted again.


People, masked and changed.

They are the beginners, nervous.

Edging along the new, hard lines.


By a virus that towered, out of sight.

But, I miss,

A bubble of laughter escaping a strangers’ lips,

A quick hand to their open mouth,

Nudging elbows,

Eyes rolling and creased.

I miss,

Colliding with a stranger at a gig.

Sharing rain,

Throats stretched up, off key.

Till the stage lights are dimmed.

Copyright image, credit and thanks to Jamie Douglas.

Published by ljane4

I am a part-time writer and artist living in Dumfries, Scotland.

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