If I were a ….

If I were the moon, I would float mysteriously around our planet, draping my smooth gown, like a canopy over the world. I would be silvery white, pale or bright depending on where you were seeing me. Reflecting on rivers and ponds and lakes, shimmering and quiet.   I would watch the fox calling for her cubs at night and hear the plaintive howl of the lonely wolf. I would calm troubled souls who have difficulty sleeping, bringing cooler air and a softer sky, dipped in shy starlight. I would keep everyone safe. Drifting and dreaming. I  would pull the mighty waves of our great, roaring oceans. I would summon the restless winds from all corners. Then I would set free the dancing, snowy, seahorses at our shores to prance and frolic before they vanish at the water’s edge, leaving solace in their wake. I would whisper to my friend, the moon hare. He is an alchemist, as old as the land. Together, we would charm Nature to bring re-growth and new beginnings. Sea turtles would hatch on ancestral sands and I would lovingly guide them to crawl towards the sea. As the sun started to wake, I would invite the birds to start their sweet, morning song. I would rest and wait, almost out of sight. A muted, subtle face, only just visible in certain light. Separated from the world until the birth of the next night.  I would come and go, as sure as the constant tide of our seas.

Published by ljane4

I am a part-time writer and artist living in Dumfries, Scotland.

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